Pieces of Me

long list of ex lovers

they'll tell you i'm insane

Despite the fact that I got over my exes, I never really let them go. They will forever be a part of me. I will always care about them even long after they stop caring about me. That’s just my nature. I have a bit of an askew notion towards exes. I really mean it when I say I want to be friends. It’s hard for me to really let go of people. Every person that has been in my life takes a little piece of me with them when they leave. I’m a sentimental sucker and people who are no longer in my life have the ability to tug at my heartstrings. It doesn’t mean I want to be with them. It’s just hard for me to accept that someone who was once a big part of my life basically doesn’t exist anymore.

They say everything happens for a reason. I tend to doubt this theory, especially when I’m reeling from a failed relationship. I wonder what the purpose was for having that person cross my path. I think maybe I’ve gotten it all wrong. They were not in my life for a reason. Maybe I was in their life for a reason. They were destined to meet me and learn some important lessons. I was the catalyst for their happily ever after.



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