Isn’t It Funny?

Isn’t it funny when you find yourself talking to an ex and feeling absolutely nothing but amused?  Amused because this is the guy you once thought was The One.  The One you were going to marry.  The One you would have done anything for if asked.  Kill a man?  Done.  Before he could tell you why, you’ve already found the most secluded area to dump the body.  It’s funny because you can’t remember just when you stopped feeling so intensely.  It didn’t happen overnight, but once you realized that you were over him, it seemed to happen so suddenly.  As if a thief in the night came into your home and stole them from you.  All you can do is laugh about it.  You remember when you swore that you would never get over him.  It seemed impossible.  And now here you are, conversing with him, catching up, not feeling pain.  And you can actually see being (dare I say?) friends with him.  Isn’t that funny?



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2 responses to “Isn’t It Funny?

  1. holdin23

    OR even the current-but-soon-to be-Ex….

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